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At Terragreen we are working to expand the range of women's health products to improve your quality of life, comfort, and experience.

Singa Diaphragm



Easy to use and body friendly

We understand the need for women to have natural and reliable products for all stages of their lives


Natural materials only


Tested and clinically examined

All our products are approved by the Israeli and American Ministry of Health and meet the highest standards

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About Us

About Us

Afraid to take the plunge and move to Diagram?

No problem. We can send you a new, sterile test sample so you can check whether the diaphragm is suitable for your measurements and needs. Pay attention! The sample should not be used for contraception and it is recommended to consult a diaphragm specialist for adjustment purposes

Frequently asked questions

Terragreen Medical is an ISO 9000 certified company that operates under the supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Health; hence, you cannot return or exchange any medical product that leaves our warehouses.
Your package should arrive within 24-48 hours on business days. We will notify you in any event of a delay due to unexpected circumstances.
All are products are plant based and not animal. No testing on animal was performed on any of our products.
All of our products are registered and Certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health.
Terragreen Medical is an ISO 9000 certified company that undergoes yearly inspections by the Standards Institute of Israel.
A Gynocologist and a PhD certified geneticist are the founders of Terragreen Medical.
We are happy to consult and answer any questions you may have.
All our products contain information for use in numerous languages as well as English and Hebrew.