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Kibbutz Merav

Osnat Bashan

midwife in home births, Home birth, Birth accompaniment in the hospital, Birth preparation sessions, Birth processing, Diaphragm adjustment,Alternative therapies: Jahara (water therapy), reflexology and shiatsu. The clinic is located in Kibbutz Merav on Mount Gilboa and provides services to women from Pardes Hana in the south to the Golan Heights in the north.

Sade Bar, Gush Etzion

Ayelet Orbach

Women and children pelvic floor physiotherapist at the Maccabi Health Services. Private physiotherapy treatments clinic in Sade Bar, Gush Etzion.


Idit Rais

Nurse, purity tester, marital life and sexual health consultant, family planning consultation, Halacha consultant, Dr. Uri Levy loginism method, cervical cap fitting.

Beer Sheva | Moshav Shallva (Kiryat Gat)

Neta Porat

Midwife, lactation consultant, pregnancy support and birth preparation, purity tester.

Beer Sheva

Hila Azulay

Midwife, purity tester, pregnancy support and birth preparation.


Tali Dori

Nurse, purity tester.

Jerusalem | Nave Daniel

Miriam Bloch

Orthopedic pelvic floor physiotherapy.

Jerusalem | Tekoa

Orit Neuman

Pelvic floor rehabilitation, graduate pelvic floor treatment course. Postpartum rehabilitation, painful intercourse treatments , childbirth pelvic floor preparation.


Racheli Marcus

Nurse, purity tester.


Esther Rogov

midwife, purity tester, marriage counselor, marital and sexual therapist, CBT therapist.

Jerusalem | Kohav HashHar | Shomron

Sarah Seymour

Midwife, house midwife.

Sade Bar

Ayelet Orbach

Pelvic floor rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation for pregnant and postpartum women, pessary fitting.

Jerusalem | Neve Daniel

Hava Elihai

Pelvic floor physiotherapy, childbirth preparation guide, fertility awareness teacher.


Rachel Shapira

Midwife, pregnancy support, postpartum sewing therapy, Equilibrio therapist for fertility/pregnancy/postpartum, holistic pelvic therapy (internal), spinning babies.


Lee Miller

Midwife, house midwife, pregnancy accompanying, fertility herbal treatments.

Jerusalem | Telem

Oshra Lior

Midwife, contraceptives consultation, pregnancy accompaniment, cervical cap fitting.

Jerusalem | Tzur Hadassah | Beit Shemesh

Hadar Graf

Pelvic floor Physiotherapy, uterine massage and birth guide.


Abigail Molcho-Shiloh

Pelvic floor Physiotherapy, uterine massage, preparation for birth and individual yoga classes.

Moshav Hamed (near Or Yehuda)

Michal Shoham

Urogynecological and anorectal rehabilitation, physical therapy for sexual dysfunction, preparation for childbirth, accompanying pregnant and postpartum women, adjusting diaphragms and cervical caps, adjusting pessaries.


Sarah Nathanson

Delivery room midwife, reflexologist, labor preparation.

Tzofim Modiin (Kfar Saba-Raanana house visits)

Michal Gore

Pelvic floor physiotherapy, abdominal treatment, pessary adjustment,Pregnancy and childbirth treatments.

Jerusalem Bait Ell

Bosmat Ben Zohar

Midwife, aromatherapist and mind-body therapist.

Mazkert Batya

Racheli Kuperman

pelvic floor physiotherapy, physiotherapy for pregnant and postpartum women, sexual counseling.


Ofrit Pek

Midwife, escorting pregnant women, home births, counseling for contraceptives.


Nadine Browner

Nurse, birth supporter.


Yael Menecham

Pelvic floor physio for women, abdominal treatments, acupuncture, pessary fitting, pregnancy and childbirth treatments.

Petah Tikva

Anat Araki-Cohen

Nurse, purity tester, fertility awareness method teacher.

Kfar Tapuach

Adina Westfrid

Pelvic floor physiotherapist.

Ramat Hasharon

Reut Amiel Levy

Pelvic floor rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation for pregnant and postpartum women, adjustment of physical activity for pregnant and postpartum women. Subada - abdominal massage.

Gan Yashia | Tel Aviv

Ronit Ben Eliyahu

Physiotherapist for pelvic floor rehabilitation, childbirth preparation guide.


Asya Mishori

Medical graduate at the Technion, purity tester, doula Teaches the fertility awareness method, pelvic floor diagnosis, counseling for married life, nutritional counseling, accompaniment and guidance during pregnancy (including fetal placement), dry acupuncture, cervical cap fitting service.


Hava Kurtz

Nurse, purity checks.


Norit Pelag

Midwife, Chinese medicine practitioner.


Efrat Tzur

Nurse, vaginismus therapist, sexual counselor.


Ruti Tzur

Midwife, treats craniosacral, and postpartum trauma.


Noa Lev

Pelvic floor physiotherapy for women and children, orthopedic, neurological.

Bat Shlomo

Tammy Tesler


Kiryat Tiv'on | Tel Aviv

Shirley Public

Women's health nurse, certified teacher of the Sensiplan fertility awareness method, advice on choosing contraceptives, cervical cap fitting service.


Yael Menachem

Pelvic floor physio for women, abdominal treatments, acupuncture, pessary fitting, pregnancy and childbirth treatments.


Ella Azband

Midwife, lactation consultant, purity tester, Subada (Aruigo) therapist, Gynecologist, BOT birth processing, preparation for birth and accompaniment in the female circle using a holistic method to heal the root by listening and touching and using the Spinning Babies method, breast stones, essential oils, medicinal plants and more.

Avney Eitan

Hali Reifen

Chastity tester, bridal instructor, sexual health instructor

Maele Gamle

Dafna Shusiov

Physiotherapy for pelvic floor rehabilitation Physiotherapy for orthopedic rehabilitation Fascial manipulation Western dry acupuncture

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