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Caya Gel + 3 Vaginal Applicator Kit


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Caya Gel + 3 Vaginal Applicator Kit


Caya Gel + Vaginal Applicator Kit


Caya Gel creates an additional physical barrier in the form of cellulose in the opening of the cervix and lowers the pH of the vaginal fluid. The high acidity and viscosity of the gel prevent the viability of the sperm cells. Caya Gel is hormone-free and water-soluble and can be used with any contraceptive barrier such as condoms made from natural rubber or polyurethane.

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Caya®️ Contraceptive gel forms, by means of the cellulose (gel-forming agent), an additional physical barrier in front of the cervix and lowers the pH of the vaginal fluid. The increased acidity and the viscosity of the gel have a motility inhibiting effect on the spermatozoa.


Purified Water, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, Arabinogalactan, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Polyhexanide.

Box Contents

60 g Caya Gel + 3 Vaginal Applicator Kit


Before inserting into the vagina, place about one teaspoonful (about 4 ml) of Caya®️ Gel in the diaphragm or cervical cap. The vaginal applicator can also be used to insert the gel while using another form of birth control or if the diaphragm has already been inserted.

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Features and benefits

Soluble in water
Free of parabens and hormones
Contains natural ingredients
Easy and safe to use

How it works?

Caya® Gel is a hormone-free contraceptive gel used to prevent pregnancy. Caya® Gel is a hormone-free contraceptive gel which helps prevent pregnancies by changing the vagina’s pH levels and creating an inhabitable environment for the sperm. Caya® Gel does not contain Nonoxynol-9 and is recommended to be used with the Caya or Singa diaphragm.

How to use

Before inserting the diaphragm into the vagina, apply one teaspoon (4ml) of Caya® Gel inside the diaphragm cup and on the outer edge of the Caya diaphragm. Proceed to follow the insertion instructions of the diaphragm.

Note: Caya® Gel does NOT provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases, and is recommended to be used with additional contraceptive devices.

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Frequently asked questions

Temperature changes should not be a problem because we use a door to door delivery system. If your gel ever stops being a gel and becomes watery though, that’s a problem. Contact me in that case!

A: The manufacturer recommends that you use it up within three months of opening. This is because once it is opened germs from your hands can affect it. It is the same for all contraceptive and lubricant gels.

A: The shelf life of Caya Gel is one year or more according to the date printed on the box. Shelf life means how long it can be on the shelf before it is sold for use.

Conventional lubricants can be quite harmful, so again, I don’t recommend them unless you screen the ingredients first through the Cosmetic Safety Database. I recommend screening the ingredients before use. As far as contraception, a water based contraceptive can do the trick.

Nonoxynol-9 is a detergent that harms the cell walls of the vagina, causes irritation and chronic infection and doubles the risk of STI infection. Many condom manufacturers stopped using it when a study found it doubled HIV infection rates in women.
The FDA says that only N-9 can be called a spermicide. However, in European studies and lab tests, Caya Gel’s lactic acid has been shown to kill sperm. So the function of the gel is to first trap, then kill the sperm.
Caya diaphragm MUST be used with a contraceptive gel to achieve its effectiveness as a contraceptive.
Conventional lubricants can be quite harmful.

Caya Gel uses a base of Lactic Acid, just like lemon from natural fruit trees. The pH value of lemon is very low and this reduces the pH of the sperm, which in turn inhibits their activity and shortly afterwards kills them.
Caya Gel does not rely on killing sperm on contact because it doesn’t need to. One of the properties of a spermicidal gel is that it’s a gel, a sticky substance which sperm simply cannot travel through. It’s a barrier to capture and retain the sperm. A diaphragm or cervical cap cannot form an absolute seal on their own so a gel substance is needed to complete the physical barrier. For this reason the chemical content of the barrier is not so important.

We’ve never had a client report any irritation. Each person is unique and our bodies react differently to each other. There is no guarantee that any user won’t experience an adverse reaction to Caya Gel’s natural ingredients just like there is no guarantee that nobody will ever have a reaction to lemons. What medical studies do show us is that spermicides containing Nonoxynol 9 cause a high rate of reactions in users. If you are concerned for any reason before using Caya Gel for the first time we recommend applying a small amount to the skin as a test to see if you have any type of adverse reaction. If you have a special skin condition discuss Caya Gel with your dermatologist before using it.
And remember, your partner’s skin will come in contact with the gel so make sure you tell him you’re using it in case he would like to test it on his skin first too.

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