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TerraGreen Medical specializes in women's health products and personalized medicine. We focus on finding the best solution to problems that many women share but are not always openly discussed. We are here to help and open the dialogue between us.

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Anat Zehavi

CEO of TerraGreen Medical

Dr. Anat Zahavi is a reputable geneticist in the field of protein biology and cytogenetics. She brings with her more than 15 years of experience in both research and medical laboratory management.

Prior to founding TerraGreen, Anat worked at Meir and Tel HaShomer Hospitals, respectively, where her interest in precision medicine took hold. Anat has PhD in Microbiology and Clinical Immunology from the Sackler Medical School, Tel Aviv University.


Ayelet Orbach

Floor Physiotherapist

Women and children pelvic floor physiotherapist at the Maccabi Health Services. Private physiotherapy treatments clinic in Sade Bar, Gush Etzion.
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Michal Shoham

Pelvic floor physiotherapy clinic, Women's health in all circles of life

Specializes in Urogynecological and anorectal rehabilitation, physical sexual dysfunction therapy.
Idit Rais

Idit Rais


Idit is a nurse with a practice in women’s sexual health including diaphragm fittings, matters of family purity and vaginismus.
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Shirley Pavlik


Shirley Pavlik is a certified academic public health nurse, specializing in women’s natural fertility health education and consultant. For nearly 20 years Shirley has provided comprehensive fertility counselling supporting women and couples taking charge of their fertility by making an aware choice of hormone-free contraception methods. Shirley’s work is based and supported by the best available research, training programs and products. Her work includes private consultations and distant support via web technologies. Shirley’s origin is from Israel and she founded WanderWomen Clinic following her passion of providing non hormonal contraception methods fitting and education, along her worldwide traveling.
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Roni Ben Eliahu


Ronit specializes in rehabilitation of the pelvic floor and is an experienced fitter of Caya diaphragms. In addition, Ronit is a certified yoga teacher and a childbirth preparation trainer.
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Michal Schonbrun

Fertility Awareness

Michal teaches fertility awareness to accurately determine the woman’s fertile and infertile time in her cycle, and use this information to either achieve a pregnancy or avoid a pregnancy through natural means.

Our Values

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Natural ingredients

We commit to using safe and natural products such as hyaluronic acid, cellulose, and more.

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Personal service

It is important for us to make sure that our products are suitable for you. We are happy to accompany you in your journey while purchasing the right products for you and aiding you in using it correctly.

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Approved by the Ministry of Health

All our products are approved by the Ministry of Health and have been tested by the best medical professionals in Israel and around the world


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