Premeno Duo for Vaginal Dryness


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Premeno Duo for Vaginal Dryness tablets resolve vaginal dryness as well as common side effects. The tablets are easily inserted and do not leave any residue. Due to the active and biocompatible ingredients, the tablets provide long-term relief and help restore the natural pH of the vagina with little or no side effects.

The tablets contain hyaluronic acid which helps revive the elasticity, moisture and healing of mucus tissues. The lactic acid and sodium lactate help restore the vagina’s natural pH levels as well as treat bacterial infections of the vagina. Recent studies even show that hyaluronic acid prevents the growth of Candida, the most common vaginal yeast fungal infection.

Approximately 1 in 5 women suffer from vaginal dryness. This is especially common during or after menopause. Premeno® Duo Vaginal Suppositories can effectively prevent and treat unwanted changes in the vaginal skin so you can feel good again.

Recommended for use

Women experiencing vaginal dryness and discomfort at all ages.


One ovule contains 5mg hyaluronate and a combination of lactic acid and sodium lactate

Box Contents

10 Ovules (suppositories)


1x daily for 10 days following 1x every 3 days

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Features and benefits

Works quickly and effectively for long term relief
Improves vaginal moisture and balance
Strengthens the vaginal wall
Hormone - free
Preservative - free
Easy to use
No side effects

How to use

Insert one suppository before bedtime for 10 consecutive days. For ongoing benefits, insert one suppository every 3 days as needed.

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Frequently asked questions

I wouldn’t if I were you.

I recommend a lubricant that is sperm friendly as well as a balancing treatment that also helps to balance the vaginal flora after use, so you get your PH levels back to a ‘healthy’ level (that means no odour and less likelihood of getting thrush).

Due to the fact that there are Premento Duo ovules contain no hormones they are safe to use as a hormone free therapy, even in cases such as breast cancer.

Premeno Fuo Vaginal Ovules are effective adjuvant treatment for atrophic, dry vaginal skin:

-during or after the menopause,
-after labour,
-during breast-feeding,
-when taking hormone preparations,
-for psychological disorders (stress),
-or after cancer treatment (chemotherapy)

Premeno does have an expiry date.

The Premeno Ovules are hormone free and contain natural ingredients, however your partner may be able to notice the synthetic taste especially if its day 1.

Once dose last for 3 days and it may not be as noticeable by day 3.

Yes, Premeno Duo ovules are available without prescription.

Yes you can use premeno with other more liquid lubricants if you prefer. I recommend using premeno as a daily lubricant and I find it useful to insert high inside so that the moisture feels natural. However, during lovemaking you might also like to use an additional lubricant.

The ovules contain lactose acid, mild skin reactions (mild burning or itching) may occur. These usually disappear after a short while.

I have not heard any reports of this contributing to weight gain, it is hormone free so will not interfere with the normal workings of the female body. It is very pleasant to use and incredibly effective.

Yes they will help. The trick is to get the pH balance right, to stop it going into an ‘unhealthy’ level that will then cause an infection.
These are particularly good at restoring the balance which is where you need to be. Always remember though the vagina is self lubrication (Except when menopause women get dryness) but there is always some form of moisture which shouldn’t be confused with a discharge that we get from an infection.

The ingredients included in this product are: sodium hyaluronate, lactic acid, sodium lactate ceteareth, beeswax, sorbitan, monostearate, and macrogols..

The Ovules will help with the vaginal dryness and any irritation although thy are not designed to combat vulval pain. The Ovules have also been proven to help reduce dyspareunia (painful intercourse).

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