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Singa Diaphragm + Caya Gel + 3 Vaginal Applicator Kit


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The Singa diaphragm comes in 7 different sizes to fit your needs perfectly. The Singa diaphragm has a harder wall which allows a wider range of women to enjoy hormone-free contraception with no side effects. For a perfect fit, it is highly advisable to contact one of the diaphragm fitters we work with.

With the Singa® diaphragm, women can use contraception safely, without hormones, naturally without unwanted side effects. Unlike the Caya® diaphragm, the Singa® is traditionally round and available in 7 different sizes. Women who struggle to fit the Caya® diaphragm, or who require a firmer spring tension, can use contraception safely and naturally with the Singa® diaphragm.



Recommended for use

As a hormone free, natural form of birth control.


Medically approved silicone, nylon.

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Singa Diaphragm + Caya Gel + 3 Vaginal Applicator Kit


Singa is inserted into the vagina like a tampon before intercourse - covers the cervix - is placed between the back part of the vaginal dome and the space behind the pubic bone.

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Features and benefits

No side effects
to be used only when necessary
offers added safety when used with the contraceptive gel

How to use

Insert the Singa®️ Contoured Diaphragm into the vagina similar to a tampon. The Singa®️ Contoured Diaphragm should always be used in combination with a contraceptive gel (Ex. Caya®️ Gel). After usage, the Singa®️ Contoured Diaphragm should be cleaned with soap and water. You can boil the Singa®️ Contoured Diaphragm in hot water if necessary, but do not use any disinfectants. After a vaginal infection, you should replace your Singa®️ Contoured Diaphragm with a new one.

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Frequently asked questions

No contraceptive method can guarantee 100% safety from unwanted pregnancy. The Singa®️ diaphragm is just as safe as the classic diaphragm. The more often you use the Singa®️ diaphragm, the more confident you will become in using this contraceptive.

Use your longest finger (usually the middle finger) to check the correct position of the diaphragm: Check whether the membrane covers the cervix completely. If this is the case, you are reliably protected.

After the first time it is used, the Singa®️ diaphragm may be used for up to 2 years.

Sperm are no longer active after this period. These 6 hours are for your own safety and to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Wearing the Singa®️ diaphragm for longer than 24 hours at a time can support bacterial growth inside the vagina.

Yes, your Singa®️ will remain in position, but you will have to apply additional contraceptive gel in front of the inserted Singa®️ with the aid of an applicator.

The Singa®️ diaphragm may be used as protection during menstruation. The diaphragm should never remain in the vagina for longer than 24 hours at a time. Do not use it as a menstrual cup.

If you have a vaginal infection (e.g. fungal infection), ask your doctor about treatment. During treatment use condoms and NOT a diaphragm. Once treatment is finished, you should replace the Singa®️ diaphragm with a new one.

Yes, but ONLY water-based lubricant gels should, however, be used. Do not use ANY lubricant gels containing silicone together with the Singa®️ diaphragm! There are no studies on the tolerability of contraceptive gels when used together with commercial lubricants. Eventual limitations in terms of the efficacy of contraceptive
gels cannot therefore be ruled out. Alternatively, you may use Caya®️ Gel as a lubricant. The Singa®️ diaphragm may be used together with condoms, as they are coated with only small amounts of silicone oil.

This is highly unlikely. However, in rare cases, your partner may feel the rim of the diaphragm.

In post-marketing studies, users repeatedly report an increase in libido compared to when they use hormonal contraceptives.

First check that Singa®️ diaphragm is in the correct position using a finger. If the Singa diaphragm continues to cause pain, go and see your doctor.

No case is known of a Singa®️ diaphragm becoming damaged during sexual intercourse.

It is important to use the diaphragm consistently as well as a contraceptive gel (e.g. Caya®️ Gel). In addition, the diaphragm should always be inserted before and not during intercourse.

After it is used, the Singa®️ diaphragm need only be cleaned with soap and water. Disinfectants do not need to be used and are not recommended. If you wish, you may rinse it off with boiling water. After a vaginal infection, the Singa®️ diaphragm should be Singa®️ diaphragm should be replaced with a new one.

No earlier than 6 weeks after giving birth, you should go and see your doctor or family planning clinic to check that it still fits correctly. Ask if you need a different size or if
you can continue to use the Singa®️ diaphragm you have been using.

In rare cases, negative pressure can make the Singa®️ diaphragm very tight. When
removing it, try adopting a different position (e.g. assume a squatting position), bear down and hook a finger over the rim of the diaphragm. If you are still unable to remove the diaphragm, ask your doctor.

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