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Caya Diaphragm Sample


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A sample of Caya Diaphram allowing you to try out the Diaphram for size and fit. (Please note that the sample has a hole and is not to be used for birth control).

Caya® Diaphragm a safe, hormone-free, and self-applied contraception you can use when needed. our free semple option allows you to try, measure and check fit (note the sample comes with a hole not for birth control use).
Caya® diaphragm is inserted into the vagina before sexual intercourse. It covers the cervix completely, as it is located between the posterior vaginal vault and the space before the pubic bone covering the cervix opening. During and after sexual intercourse, Caya® prevents sperm from entering the uterus. After intercourse, the Caya® diaphragm must remain in the vagina for at least 6 hours.

Caya’s® unique, contoured shape was found to be comfortable, easy to use, and effective to suit most women. With an innovative design that reduces the need for a customized fitting, it makes contraception readily available. Bumps on the rim of the diaphragm help with grip to make insertion easier and more accurate, while the removal dome makes it easy to remove.

Caya® Contoured Diaphragm used with Caya® Gel gives maximum protection against pregnancies. The diaphragm provides a barrier while the composition of the gel changes the vagina’s pH level, making it an inhabitable environment for the sperm. It is highly advisable to contact one of the diaphragm fitters we work with. link to our correlation document.

Recommended for use

As a hormone free, natural form of birth control.


Medically approved silicone, nylon.

Box Contents

One Caya®️ diaphragm, detailed instruction for use and a storage box (case).


Caya is inserted into the vagina like a tampon before intercourse - covers the cervix - is placed between the back part of the vaginal dome and the space behind the pubic bone.

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Features and benefits

Comfortable, easy to use, and effective
Suitable for a wide range of woman
Marginal walls: Caya’s Stable rim provides stability for the Diaphragm
Allows women to easily identify the gripping position
Removal Dome: Allows for easy removal. You can remove the device from the top or bottom of the dome.
Hormone - free
Easy handling
No side effects
Reusable for 2 years
Latex - free
No formal fitting necessary
Environmentally friendly
Does not impact on sexual intercourse of either partner
Only used when necessary
If used with the contraceptive gel, it offers maximum protection

How it works?

The Caya® Contoured Diaphragm provides a contraceptive barrier which covers the opening of the cervix thus blocking the sperm from moving from the vagina to the uterus, thereby preventing pregnancy. It is particularly effective when used with Caya® Gel.

How to use

Insert the Caya® Contoured Diaphragm into the vagina similar to a tampon. The Caya® Contoured Diaphragm should always be used in combination with a contraceptive gel (Ex. Caya® Gel). After usage, the Caya® Contoured Diaphragm should be cleaned with soap and water. You can boil the Caya® Contoured Diaphragm in hot water if necessary, but do not use any disinfectants. After a vaginal infection, you should replace your Caya® Contoured Diaphragm with a new one.

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Frequently asked questions

No contraceptive method can guarantee 100% safety from unwanted pregnancy. The Caya®️ diaphragm is as safe as the classic diaphragm. The more often you use the Caya®️ diaphragm, the more confident you will become in using this contraceptive method and the more safety this method will offer you.

Use your longest finger (usually the middle finger) to verify the correct position of the diaphragm, check whether the cup covers cervix and the removal dome located securely behind your pubic bone. If this is the case you are well protected.

After the first use, the Caya®️ diaphragm should not be used for a period longer than 2 years

Sperm cells are no longer active after this period. These 6 hours are for your own safety and to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Wearing the Caya®️diaphragm for longer than 24 hours without interruption can promote bacterial growth inside the vagina. These bacteria can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Remove Caya®️and visit your doctor for an examination.

Yes, your Caya®️ will remain in position, but you will have to aplly additional contraceptive gel with the aid of an applicator. Applicators for contraceptive gel can be purchased in the pharmacy.

The use of the diaphragm is possible.

Please visit your doctor for treatment in case of vaginal infection (e.g. fungus). Please use condoms during treatment and NOT a diaphragm. Upon completion of treatment you should purchase and use a new Caya®️diaphragm for your own safety.

The use of water-based lubricants (e.g. Sylk) has no influence on the use and safety of Caya®️.
NOTICE: New research showed that all lubricants made of silicone oil are not compatible with Caya diaphragms. We recommend women and users to only use water-based products when using additional lubricant.

This is highly unlikely. However, in rare cases, your partner may feel the rim of the diaphragm.

No, the Caya®️diaphragm has no influence on your libido as it contains no hormones.

First verify the correct postion of Caya®️ using a finger. If the Caya®️diaphragm continues to cause pain, please visit your doctor.

No, the only habit that requires changing is that one always uses the diaphragm when it is needed – during intercourse. The more often Caya®️is used, the more confident one becomes in handling the diaphragm.

This is nearly ruled out. However, if you do notice that your Caya®️is damaged in some way after intercourse, please visit your doctor immediatley (within 5 days) to discus the possibility of emergency contraception (“morning-after-pill”).

The regular use and the use and the use of a contraceptive gel (e.g. Caya®️gel) are important measures for ensuring safety. In addition, the diaphragm should always be inserted before and not during intercourse.

Re-insert Caya®️ again after applying some more contraceptive gel. If the diaphragm comes out after your partner has ejaculated or if you do not feel safe, visit your doctor to discuss whether you may need the “morning-after-pill”.

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